Lock Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

You turn the key, and nothing happens. The problem could be due to any number of issues with the locking mechanism. The only way to know for sure is to let the professionals at our reputable locksmith company inspect your lock and determine what is wrong. We have the tools and expertise to put your locks back into perfect working condition.

Locks are made up of different components that wear out over time. If one element is damaged, then the entire lock fails. Our lock repair service technicians are capable of fixing components that make up locks of every kind. We also install garage door locks and offer a re-keying service.

Our experienced and knowledgeable locksmiths perform reliable lock repair, so your key works perfectly. In addition, we pride ourselves on providing honest services at honest prices. That is why we never convince you to replace your lock unless it's absolutely necessary. Instead, we work hard to fix your existing lock and provide re-keying service.

Effective & Efficient Lock Repair Service

Locks are complicated mechanisms. When there is a problem with your lock, you need a reliable lock repair service that can fix the problem without causing additional damage. Our experienced and knowledgeable locksmiths know how to repair locks so your key works perfectly. Once we finish with the repairs, you should notice that your key glides effortlessly into the keyhole and turns the lock much easier than before.

In addition to our dependable service, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch services at honest prices. That is why we never convince you to replace your lock unless it's absolutely necessary. Instead, we work hard to fix your existing lock and provide re-keying service. If we do recommend you buy new locks, you can rest assured it is because it is more convenient and cost-effective to do so.

Door Locked with Keys - Lock Repair

Always Reliable Lock Repair Services

Lock and key problems always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. Whether you are coming home late after a night out, or you are leaving your home in the morning to head to work, when you have issues locking up, it can seriously affect your schedule. The best way to deal with this inconvenience is to call our company and request emergency lock repair services.

You can turn to us for lock repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We maintain fast response times because we know that when you are locked out of your car or home, you need help as soon as possible. Our staff is standing by to answer the phones at all times, so you can call us for prompt and dependable service. As soon as we get your location and some basic contact information, we will send a professional locksmith to take care of the issue. Our locksmiths travel with a complete set of tools to fix all types of locks, so you do not have to wait for us to order parts or come back at a later time to take care of your lock-related problem.

Protect Your Property with Our Re-Keying Service

Are you concerned about unauthorized access to your property? Re-key your locks to ensure your home, business, or car is completely secure. This is especially important if you've lost the keys to your property. With our re-keying service, you'll save your existing hardware and save money in the process. Instead of installing new locks, let us re-key your old ones.

Re-keying a lock involves replacing the proper lock components to ensure your old keys no longer work. It still leaves the outer hardware that holds the locking mechanism in place, so you do not have to replace the entire system. This way, you do not have to buy new locks and bear the cost of a complete lock replacement, plus you get to keep the style of lock that matches your door. Of course, if you wish to purchase a new lock, we are more than happy to accommodate you with our extensive selection of locks and keys.

We offer re-keying for every type of lock, including automobiles, standard front door locks, and deadbolts. After re-keying, we provide you with new keys. Your new locks will work flawlessly and will continue doing so for many years to come.

When to Buy New Locks

There comes a time when your old locks need to be replaced. Whether they are beyond repair, old, or you simply want to upgrade to new locks, we are at your service. It's also a good idea to buy new locks when you move into a new home. Keep your family safe and secure by relying on us to handle the installation when you decide to change the locks. We carry and install a variety of quality brands, such as:

  • Medeco®
  • Schlage®
  • Mul-T-Lock®
  • Corbin Russwin®

Transponder & Dealer Keys

Many cars are now equipped with transponder keys that cannot be easily duplicated. If you lose your car keys, the only place to get new ones is at the dealership. However, they charge high prices for new dealer keys. Our locksmiths make the latest model keys to ensure you can get in your car and go places again. We are much more affordable than the dealership and strive to provide the highest level of customer service. We make it a point to help customers find the ideal style of lock to suit their needs and answer any questions in the process.

How We Install Garage Door Locks

Your garage door provides easy access to your home. Don't leave it unlocked for intruders. We install garage door locks for homeowners as well as business owners. Protect your property and possessions by depending on us for lock installation and upgrades. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable services for residential and commercial customers.

Contact our locksmith company to request the key repair or locksmith services you need. We proudly serve Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel, Monroeville, and Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.