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Access Control Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

Institute a safe and secure working environment for your staff and protect your assets with a high-quality access control system, supplied and installed by DMI Locksmith. Our company provides business owners with the latest in access control systems, integrated control systems, and intercom systems in Pittsburgh, PA. By establishing effective control over who is allowed to enter or exit your building, you offer an added degree of protection for your employees and loss prevention for your property.

Expand your ability to administer security and reduce operating costs with any of our door access control systems. Our innovative, electronic access systems do away with the cumbersome lock-and-key entry that proves more expensive and unmanageable as your staff grows. With their seamless ability to grant, change, and revoke access, our systems are also a more effective means of preventing theft—both internal and external.

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Advanced Door Access Control Systems

Managing who is—and is not—permitted to enter your establishment is essential to the safety of your workers, guests, tenants, or students. Electronic door access control systems are a much more reliable means of safeguarding people and property in a variety of commercial settings. Each of our products relies on a unique, computer-activated token—such as a card or key fob— issued to each individual, which grants or restricting permissions by floor, or even by room.

Once the card or token is issued, access permissions can be expanded or restricted instantly from your security administrator's PC. This flexibility allows you a greater degree of control over the entry and exit of anyone—or anything—that passes through your doors compared to traditional key locks. Likewise, lost cards can be deactivated immediately, as can those belonging to parties who are leaving your company, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Control of Access

In addition to the ability to restrict unauthorized access or theft by external parties, our systems are a means of internal loss prevention. You have the ability to prevent entry after hours. If your business requires around-the-clock access, your system can be set to log the unique ID of each person who enters or leaves your building for reference. Though a record of access alone may not always be sufficient, pairing electronic entry with one of our CCTV systems establishes documentation and a visual record of a suspect's presence during, or participation in, any criminal activity or employee misconduct.

Contact us today to review your business needs for Access Control systems and installation. We proudly serve Pittsburgh, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Southside, and Shadyside, PA.

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