Commercial Locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA

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Ensure the security of your business and the safety of your employees with our commercial locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA. We install tamperproof key control systems that prevent unauthorized access to your building. Depend on DMI Locksmith Inc. to design and install secure systems that control access to your property for exit and entry points. A few of the other services we provide for businesses in the greater Pittsburgh area include:

  • Keyless Entry Systems
  • Safe Unlocking
  • Security Key Creation
  • Lock Repair
  • Access Control Installation
  • Exit Control Installation

Tamperproof & State-of-the-Art Key Control Systems

What good is an access system if a burglar can still break in and steal? Allow our commercial locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA, to install a state-of-the-art key control system that keeps thieves out and your property safe. Our systems allow you to control access to certain areas of your building or your entire property.

As experienced locksmiths, we do much more than duplicate keys and open car doors. Instead, we have the knowledge, training, and advanced equipment to install, repair, and maintain any system. Working on these types of systems requires specific skills that only a trained locksmith can provide.

How to Control Access to Your Business

Limit access to your building with the help of our advanced key control systems. As a business owner, you simply cannot afford to allow just anyone to enter and exit your property. By installing a customized system and providing a security key to you, we let you determine who comes in and out of your building. We focus on helping you control access to your business so you can have extra peace of mind.

Protecting your property is simple once you choose our team of professionals. Known for our dependable and affordable lock services, we are able to install the latest technologically advanced doors, key card locks, and other control access systems for your property. You no longer have to worry about visitors being able to enter your business after hours or burglars breaking in when you have the reliable security your company needs from our specialists.

Does your business have working access for employees, guests, visitors, or vendors? Then you could potentially lose money and credibility as well as your stellar reputation. Because our skilled technicians are on call 24 hours a day, we have the ability to repair your damaged or broken key control systems at a moment's notice. An unexpected break or jammed lock can happen at any time, so it is important that you have a trustworthy and efficient systems expert readily available to handle the replacement, repair, or installation of your lock systems.

Security Key Systems for Optimal Protection

How old are your locks? If employees have come and gone, and you have passed out keys throughout the years, your business's security could be compromised. Switch to a security key system that ensures the protection of your property. We can install a security key system that lets you control access. These systems also prevent others from duplicating keys. In fact, security keys can only be produced and duplicated by authorized dealers, distributors, or the manufacturer. Control all entry and exit points for your building by trusting our locksmith for security key control systems.

Commercial Lock - Access Control System

Businesses throughout the area can count on us for prompt security key services. In addition to installing limited access control systems for our commercial customers, we provide key control system replacement for when you need a complete lock organization for your business.

Larger commercial properties often have more than one entrance into the building, thereby requiring more than one set of keys. When you manage these types of businesses, you want to make sure there is strict organization and quality control when it comes to handling multiple access systems. If you happen to lose your keys or your lock system breaks down, don't hesitate to call our key control system specialists as soon as possible. Whether you have a computerized access system for your keys, or you simply need a better strongbox, we have the right services for you.

Security keys are an easy way to access various parts of your building. You give those that need access, complete freedom while retaining control of your building’s security. When your card printer, card readers, or any other security key devices break down or need maintenance, we can help you with our security key replacement services. We have the knowledge and skill needed to work with all types of security keys to ensure your utmost convenience and confidence. Let our professionals give you back complete control of your building's security.

Rely on Our Security Professionals

The door is always open when you call upon the dependable, trained staff at our company. We are proud to provide 24-hour lock services for our commercial customers throughout the area. Whether you need us to install a new electronic lock or give you a security key replacement, we have the training and experience needed to provide the detailed, immediate assistance you need at the price you want. When it comes to bigger companies, our associates are also able to install multiple keys for the same doors and create a streamlined master key system.

Contact our locksmith to install a security key control system for your business. We proudly serve commercial customers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.